Colette Sawatzky
Gemini's Lead Sponsor

Colette Sawatzky is no stranger to hard work, she and her twin brother Clayton were born in Saskatoon Saskatchewan in June of 1975 on a dairy farm, the youngest of 5 children. It did not take long for Colette to learn what “good, honest, hard work was. There was no time for excuses or even a day off. Farm animals need everyday attention; especially when it’s your livelihood.”

It was in this small, rural community, that Colette learned the value of building lasting relationships. With a population well under 500, everyone knew you, your family and your business. Making it best to be genuine, sincere and engaged within the community. Springing for her love for the farm and animals, especially horses, catapulted her into years of competitive and professional Barrel Racing.

An activity she loves to this day! In her final year of high school, Colette gave birth to her first son, Dalton John. The young, single mother learned the important role and responsibility to her child. She enrolled herself in post-secondary education, focusing on healthcare. Her heart for service and giving to those in need served her well for 12 years. During this time Colette married a had 2 more children; Paige Lori and Katherine Lane.

With her growing family, Colette learned the value of multiple streams of income and owning a home-based business as an esthetician.

Starting from nothing and owing to her passion to help others, Colette used her vision, drive and work ethic to build both a beauty salon and gym to serve her community. Well thought out and structured she opened her doors to the community, after successfully completing all necessary courses required to operate a fitness center. About this time, Colette suffered a horrific knee injury at the hand of her ex-husband. An event that has led her to become a dedicated and fierce advocate for abused women, not only in her community, but in the surrounding area. Trials have helped to shape and define the person Colette has become, including the death of her twin brother Clayton, who was killed at work during this personally challenging event. Proving further, that “whom the Lord loveth, he chastens” [Hebrews 12:6}. The loss of Clayton was a life changing event, teaching her just how precious and short life can be.

Colette has since sold her successful business and gone on to marry to her wonderful husband, Les Sawatzky. She has also adopted his twin girls, who lost their mother to an aneurysm, when they were only 12 years old. Blending a family was not easy: especially when each of the children involved are hurting death, loss and divorce. But Colette remains strong, committed and determined to serve her family and to help bring about healing.

Together Les and Colette have a child “King” Darian Clay. Together, the Sawatzky family has grown and expanded their dairy farm into a multi-million-dollar enterprise. “I believe farm life is a great way to grow your children, teaching them the values of hard work and teamwork, it’s the foundation I obtained as a young girl, and I love that I am able to raise my children that way.”

In 2015 Colette was re-introduced to Network Marketing. This time, she has taken it seriously. She realizes the power and impact the industry can and is having on people around the world. At the heart of her commitment is her faith, work ethic, business sense, combined with a heart to serve. Her longstanding reputation for building strong, trustworthy relationships with many, has given her fast success with continuous recognition.

From within this industry, a passion has been ignited inside her. One in which Colette continues to develop to become the fierce leader she was created to be. From here, she has the ability to change the lives of thousands!